How to Order

The order form has generated so much junk mail for Taos Door that I do not depend on it. Please contact by email or text the cell, 575 770 3083 if interested in a door or gate.


The doors shown on this site are all custom designed and one of a kind. I do not have an accurate price list because every door I make is distinctive and priced individually based on the size, design and current wood prices. Prices listed are general. I work with the customer to develop an original design, and I can also build doors from photographs and sketches. Please do not show me a picture of a door produced by another door company. Buy the door from them, unless you want significant changes.

The prices can range from $800 for interior door to $2500 and higher for an exterior door. I request prospective customers to email so we can dicuss the design, price range, and scheduling before I prepare a bid.

When a door design and estimated price is approved, I prepare a drawing and a written contract specifying design details, materials, extent of work to be done, and terms of payment for the for the customers final approval and signature.

If you would like more information please call or e-mail me at the link below. Thank you. Pete